2019 #illustratorblackout Book List

1. Voice of Freedom, Fannie Lou Hamer by Carole Boston Weatherford

Illustrated by: Ekua Holmes

2. I Am Loved by Nikki Giovanni

Illustrated by: Ashley Bryan

3. Ten Black Dots

By: Donald Crews

4. Mommy’s Khimar by Jamila Thompkins-Bigelow

Illustrated by: Ebony Glenn

5. Blue Sky, White Stars by Sarvinder Naberhaus

Illustrated by: Kadir Nelson

6. Belle, The Last Mule at Gee’s Bend by Calvin Alexander Ramsey & Bettye Stroud

Illustrated by: John Holyfield

7. Lend A Hand by John Frank

Illustrated by: London Ladd

8. The Tortoise and the Hare

By: Jerry Pinkney

9. Here Comes The Parade by Tony & Lauren Dungy

Illustrated by: Vanessa Brantley Newton

10. Mousetropolis

By: R. Gregory Christie

11. These Hands by Margaret H. Mason

Illustrated by: Floyd Cooper

12. Sit-In by Andrea Davis Pinkney

Illustrated by: Brian Pinkney

13. Before She Was Harriet by Lesa Cline-Ransome

Illustrated by: James E. Ransome

14. Thank You, Omu

By: Oge Mora

15. Uncle Jed’s Barbershop

Illustrated By: James Ransome

16. Freight Train

By: Donald Crews

17. So Tall Within by Gary D. Schmidt

Illustrated by: Daniel Minter

18. Farmer Will Allen and the Growing Table by Jacqueline Briggs Martin

Illustrated by: Eric Shabazz Larkin

19. Benny Goodman and Teddy Wilson by Lesa Cline-Ransome

Illustrated by: James E. Ransome

20. Artist Spotlight : Kadir Nelson

21. Mama Africa by Kathryn Erskine

Illustrated by: Charles Palmer

22. Between The Lines by Sandra Neil Wallace

Illustrated by: Bryan Collier

23. John Henry by Julius Lester

Illustrated by Jerry Pinkney

24. Preaching to the Chickens by Jabari Asim

Illustrated by: E.B. Lewis

25. Dinner at Aunt Connie’s House

By: Faith Ringgold

26. A Nation’s Hope by Matt de Peña

Illustrated by: Kadir Nelson

27. Let ‘Er Buck by Vaunda Micheaux Nelson

Illustrated by: Gordon C. James

28. Seeds of Freedom by Hester Bass

Illustrated by: E.B. Lewis

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