The Curriculum Debate

If you're new to the game (or seasoned) one of the hottest topics this time of year is curriculum. It's summer. Like Ants stocking up for winter, you are getting ready for fall. This article assumes you're a homeschooler of some sort. But if you aren't the same rules apply. The kids are completing summer... Continue Reading →

Weird things Poppies want to talk about…

Poppies. You may or may not have heard this term before. It's used widely in the gifted community for children that stand a little taller than the rest. The flowers that grow a little faster. However in our current educational system, support for Poppies can be limited. The Poppies are "trimmed" to match the rest... Continue Reading →

Summer Session 2020 : The STEAM ENGINE

What's your Summer looking like post pandemic? Let me correct myself - this isn't over yet. Even though the country is resuming it's normal summer routine, me and mine are electing to stay in. Better safe than sorry. But we aren't the only entities staying shut for the summer. So are a lot of summer... Continue Reading →

2019 #illustratorblackout Book List

1. Voice of Freedom, Fannie Lou Hamer by Carole Boston Weatherford Illustrated by: Ekua Holmes 2. I Am Loved by Nikki Giovanni Illustrated by: Ashley Bryan 3. Ten Black Dots By: Donald Crews 4. Mommy's Khimar by Jamila Thompkins-Bigelow Illustrated by: Ebony Glenn 5. Blue Sky, White Stars by Sarvinder Naberhaus Illustrated by: Kadir Nelson... Continue Reading →

Meet Cash and His Mommy

Welcome to our page! If it's worth doing, it's worth doing perfectly... - Mommy First, an introduction. I'm Mommy, Christal. The little guy - that's Cash. We're almost 5 years into an experiment I call parenthood. Since Cash is my living and breathing clone, I think it's fun to nurture a small, male version of... Continue Reading →

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